Do I Need Disinfection Services?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made it necessary for the world to rethink hygiene and sanitization measures. Sterilization and washing practices are essential to slow down the spread of the contagion. Therefore, it has become crucial to use the right products for maximum efficiency in eliminating the virus from various surfaces used by people regularly. The right products should be ones that are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Criteria for Choice of Products for Cleaning and Sanitization of Surfaces

Generally, washing surfaces with water and soap can help reduce the viral load on surfaces. But it might not be practical to wash some surfaces with soap and water. Since the virus is challenging to eliminate, proper use of disinfection products and equipment is necessary. It is, therefore, crucial to use the approved sanitization products and equipment. The existence of many products in the market creates the need to understand the products best suited for the job. BioBlasting has an array of suitable products that meet the following EPA criteria:

 Effective in killing the Coronavirus or other organisms and viruses that are more challenging to eliminate.

 Environmentally friendly

 Meet recommended concentrations of the active ingredients

 Have clear guidelines for safe use

 Available in appropriate ready to use forms, i.e., surface wipes, aerosols, solutions, and wet wipes

 Accessible for use by interested parties

 Safe to store

Where Disinfection Should be Done

As more people venture out into the public for work, school, and other routine activities, the need to ensure safety from infection is increasing. Public facilities that have not had human occupation for at least seven days might not need disinfection. However, living and working spaces in regular use must undergo disinfection several times in a day. Surfaces that people touch most include lift buttons, power outlets, table surfaces, water taps, cash dispensing machines, door handles, and many more. Sterilization of the exposed areas should take place several times a day using suitable products. Note that toys and other items that children use should not undergo disinfection using chemicals.

When cleaning upholstery that is absorbent in nature, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is also wise to consider removing non-essential items like water dispensers, rugs, and seat covers in many people’s work stations. Routine maintenance and repair practices for buildings, e.g., assessing ventilation and plumbing systems, will complement the disinfection procedures. Indoor spaces should also ensure better circulation of air.

Regular sterilization of surfaces using EPA-approved products and the following prescribed measures against COVID-19 are known to be effective in slowing down the spread of the virus. Due diligence should be exercised when using and storing sanitization products to prevent poisoning. Additionally, the use of proper protective gear when using disinfection products is essential. The contagion is bound to be around for an undetermined period. Therefore, it is critical to make routine sanitization practice a reality. BioBlasting products are best suited for routine sterilization of surfaces and are appropriate for use at home, office and industrial premises.

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