When SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19, hit the US early in 2020, it changed everything about our daily lives. One change that was immediately apparent was the need for better cleaning techniques. The small bottle of disinfectant spray that was wiped away with a rag, which many families had always used, was no longer enough. In order to keep the house and family safe, a disinfectant sprayer makes more sense. It is economical, takes less time, is easy to use, and has better coverage than traditional disinfectant spray and rag techniques.

Keeping your Family Safe

Under every kitchen sink is a bottle of disinfecting spray, but in the time of pandemic, that is not enough to clean your house and keep your family safe. You need a disinfectant sprayer that packs more of a punch. Since many germs are airborne, it can land on any surface in your home. And let’s face it, we mindlessly touch many surfaces in our home each and every day. You need an effective disinfectant sprayer to disinfect and eliminate the virus for high touch areas. These high touch areas include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Refrigerator and oven doors
  • Cupboards
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • The remote control

Problems of Rag and Spray Bottle

Although every family has the best intentions in keeping their loved ones healthy, traditional methods of disinfectant spray and rag techniques are not the best way to keep your family safe. One reason for this is dwell time. People rarely read the directions on the chemical disinfectant spray to see how long the product may need to stay on your counters in order  to actually kill all the bacteria and viruses. You need a disinfectant sprayer that is quick and easy to use. Additionally, wiping up counters with rags and disinfecting spray is not an efficient way to get those high touch surfaces clean. Using a disinfectant sprayer would be a more efficient, effective method of cleaning, with better coverage and fewer missed spots than traditional cleaning methods.

Importance of a Family Sprayer

Using a disinfectant sprayer would keep your home safer and protect your family from a variety of other illnesses. The EconoBlast Sprayer is a great tool to use in a residence, because it is lightweight at only 5 pounds, and it is easy to use. This disinfectant sprayer will cover all surfaces in your home evenly, without wasting disinfectant spray along the way. In order to transform the disinfectant liquid into droplets that are spread throughout the rooms of your home, this ULV sprayer (ultra low volume) uses cold to create a high volume of air at a very low pressure to get your house clean. It is safe, effective, and will help you take care of your precious family.

In this stressful time of the pandemic, you can ease your worries by using the EconoBlast Sprayer to clean your home. With this disinfectant sprayer, you can cover surfaces more evenly, have no contact cleaning so you do not get tangled up in the virus yourself, and save money and time. Let the old ways fall by the wayside; disinfecting spray from a bottle and wiped off with a rag is not as effective in cleaning your home as the disinfectant sprayer.