With much of the country shut down because of the coronavirus, disinfecting your business is more important than ever. You need a quality disinfectant spray you can count on, and you don’t have the time or manpower to wash everything by hand. A disinfectant spray also gets into hard to reach places that you cannot disinfect with a rag and bucket. Following the CDC guidelines for using a disinfecting spray, coupled with a disinfectant sprayer, disinfects your business and makes it safe for both employees and customers to return to the essential businesses they need to conduct. Not every disinfectant spray product is made the same though.

What CDC Recommends

The Center for Disease Control has some specific recommendations for cleaning your business, especially in a pandemic. Everything you need to know to disinfect your business starts with common sense. First, normal cleaning tactics are in play. After using regular soap and water, which cleans the dirt and grime, you need to utilize a disinfectant spray. A disinfectant sprayer filled with disinfectant spray will most easily get rid of  bacteria and viruses that cause disease. The use of a disinfectant sprayer will allow for a better coverage in cleaning. The CDC also recommends maintaining proper behavioral practices like wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping a distance. The less the virus lands in your office, the less you have to worry about disinfectant cleaner.

High Touch Traffic Areas

Since germs and bacteria can fall via droplets and land anywhere, scouring the surfaces in common areas with disinfecting spray and those that get touched a lot is very important. When using a disinfectant cleaner in  your business, it is important to focus on these high traffic areas.

  • Faucets and sinks
  • Toilets
  • Light switches
  • Counters and tables
  • Handles
  • Doorknobs
  • Keyboards

In general, use disinfecting spray from a disinfectant sprayer on anything that multiple people touch in a day. The CDC also recommends that these items be cleaned after every use. A disinfectant sprayer with disinfecting spray will help keep you sane with all the disinfecting you will be doing, and you will not have to scrub surfaces with buckets and rags.

Doing it Yourself

Just like anything else, if you want it done right, it is better to disinfect your business yourself. In the long run, cleaning with the disinfectant spray yourself will be cheaper and more thoroughly done than if you hire  a cleaning company. You need a powerful disinfectant that can eradicate all bacteria and viruses, and you need a disinfectant sprayer that gets the job done right.  The BioBlaster Bundle will offer you both. This fully adjustable and easy flow nozzle will clean the surfaces without you needing to get in contact with the cleaner or the surfaces. The disinfectant can help you feel confident that your business is safe to return to.

A disinfectant spray launched from a disinfectant sprayer  is the best way to disinfect your business. It is important to choose quality products from quality companies as not all disinfectant spray products are made the same. In light of the pandemic, you need to pay more attention to the CDC guidelines about cleanliness and best practices, and make sure your business meets these cleanliness standards. The BioBlaster Bundle will save time, money, and aggravation, all while offering the disinfecting spray you require to keep employees and customers safe. With excellent coverage, a lightweight and easy to use disinfectant sprayer machine, and disinfectant, the BioBlaster Bundle will change the way your company cleans for the better, and offer everything you need to disinfect your business.