Do I Need to Disinfect My Groceries?

Covid-19 has rocked the world, and along with the illness and death it has brought, it has truly changed the way people live, shop, work, and play. One aspect of living that has come into the spotlight is whether or not you need to disinfect your groceries when you get home from the store. With so many people in and out of a grocery store and so many germs that could make their way back into your home, you need to keep your family safe. Using Bioblast Disinfectant will replace the use of harsh, toxic chemicals in your home while also providing the protection you need for your family.

How Covid-19 is Transmitted

In order to understand how to keep your family safe from contamination, you need to understand what the science says. Science has proven that the primary transmission for Covid-19 is via droplets that are sprayed through the air, and so the easiest way you can get the virus is by being close to an infected person. Although the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and plastic for up to 3 days, the strength of Covid-19 dissipates rapidly, and after four hours the cardboard only has trace amounts. Although this news implies you don’t need to scour each grocery and package when you return from the store, you do need to be smart. Fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned thoroughly before consumption, and you need to cook raw meat to its intended temperature to keep your family safe.

Shopping Tips

Even if the virus cannot live on packaging too long, you need to do anything you can to mitigate the possibility of bringing germs into your house, whether from Covid-19 or some other source. Some helpful hints for shopping include:

  • Making fewer trips to the store per week
  • Keeping social distance
  • Avoiding high touch areas in the store
  • Wearing a mask
  • Using hand sanitizer
  • Going to the store alone

Anything you can do to keep yourself conscious of what you are touching and doing will ultimately keep your family safer.

Blast Away Germs

No matter what you bring into your home and kitchen and how careful you are at the store, it is of extreme importance that you keep your kitchen clean and sanitized. Bioblast Disinfectant is a fantastic product to keep your family safe. BioBlast Disinfectant is approved by the US EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It comes with an easy-to-use spray bottle and microfibers, which is a proven method of cleaning. Bioblast Disinfectant is an effective sanitizer for food and food contact surfaces, and it is extremely easy to use.


Although there is so much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the pandemic that has been thrust upon us, you can count on BioBlasting products to eliminate harsh chemicals from your kitchen while still providing a fresh home environment. Designed to save you time, with no disinfectant mixing and no wiping, BioBlasting products kill bacteria and/or viruses that hide where you live. BioBlasting products are People, Pet, and Planet Friendly, so in addition to keeping your own family safe, you are making a positive move for the environment. Although you may not need to wipe down every single package from the grocery store, using BioBlast Disinfectant is a simple solution for a healthier home.