Bioblast Green Cleaner


BioBlast Green Cleaner is a stable, powerful cleaner and deodorizer without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. It is derived from naturally occurring ingredients and is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The main ingredient in BioBlast Green Cleaner, Hypochlorous acid, is effectively used for medical, commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

BioBlast Green Cleaner cleans, deodorizes, and oxidizes: Organic matter, blood and body fluids, fecal matter, biofilms, allergens, dust mite matter, pet dander, and pollen particles.

Eliminates Smoke, Pet, Must, and Food Odors!

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Use in hospitals, restaurants, schools, homes, hotels, kitchens, nurseries, daycares, restrooms, municipal buildings, vehicles, airplanes, stadiums, and many more!

No special handling or disposal precautions  requirements. Keep out of direct sunlight.  Best stored between 40o-70oF. Product is biodegradable.

For use in BioBlasting Sprayers (BioBlaster, RoboBlaster, & EconoBlaster) or with handheld spray bottles.

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