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BioBlast Heavy Duty Cleaner – 55 Gallon Drum


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BioBlast Heavy Duty “HD” Cleaner is a non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner that can be sprayed, wiped, or dipped. It is an easy-to-use cleaning agent and can be used in institutional, industrial and commercial applications.

BioBlast HD Cleaner will remove biofilm, dirt, grease, grime, and stains without leaving any residue.

BioBlast HD Cleaner is people, pet, and planet-friendly while being an excellent degreasing agent for tough jobs.

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Product Description

BioBlast HD Cleaner is a Sodium Hydroxide solution that is produced at a minimum pH of 11 and contains <1000 ppm of the active ingredient Sodium Hydroxide, which is known to be an effective cleaning and degreasing agent.

It is a non-hazardous liquid formulation that does not produce fumes and does not contain hazardous “butyl” solvents or other potentially dangerous substances such as phosphates or ammonia.


BioBlast HD Cleaner cleans and degreases vehicles, planes, cruise lines, trains, correctional facilities, gymnasiums, recreational centers, daycare centers, preschool facilities, schools, motels, dormitories, bars, butcher shops, food processing areas, restaurants, restrooms, shower rooms, kennels, pet shops, veterinary equipment and facilities. Use on floors, carpets, tile, upholstery, fabrics, laundry, dishes, counters, grills, fryers, vents, hoods, grease traps, floor drains, tables, and more. It can be used to clean hard, non-porous surfaces before disinfecting.

BioBlast Heavy Duty Cleaner is a concentrated product that can be diluted with water to create an entire line of cleaning products.

Replace all standard toxic chemicals with one product! Dilute BioBlast Heavy Duty Cleaner to create Glass Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Degreaser, and Carpet & Stain Remover.



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Dilute BioBlast Heavy Duty Cleaner to replace all toxic cleaning chemicals:

Use any dilution of BioBlast Cleaner to eliminate the streaks and biofilm left behind by other chemical cleaners.

Use Stainless Steel Cleaner for effortless cleaning on kitchen appliances, grills, construction equipment, etc.

Use Multi-Purpose Cleaner for tables, carpets, floors, appliances etc.

Use Glass Cleaner for windows, mirrors, windshields, tile, glass surfaces, etc.

Use Heavy Duty Cleaner for tough jobs! Use on tiles, stains, floors, burnt-on grease, appliances, sinks, garbage disposals, bathrooms, toilets, tubs, pet areas, etc.

Best stored between 40-75 degrees Fahrenheit.


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