BioBlast HD Cleaner, Microfibers, and Spray bottles


1 gallon BioBlast HD Cleaner, 5 microfibers, and 2 empty 32 oz. spray bottles for $42

UPC: 762530075612

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Product Description

  • 1 Gallon BioBlast HD Cleaner
  • 5 Microfibers
  • 2 empty 32 oz spray bottles



Additional information

Additional Information

Flow Rate: 0.0-7.0 Gal/Hr
Capacity: 1.1 Gal
Dimensions: 11.8" x 7.9" x 18.5"
Weight (Shipping) 9.1 lbs.
Spray Distance: 15 feet
Hose: 18"
Electric Motor: 1200W


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