What is the Proper Way to Use Disinfectant Spray?

Covid-19 has ramped up the way people think and talk about germs on surfaces. With so much at stake, it is common knowledge that Covid-19 can live in air droplets and land on surfaces in your home or business. This makes using a disinfectant spray even more crucial for the health and safety of your employees and family. By using a disinfectant spray properly, you will be able to do your best to keep dangerous bacteria and viruses away from your family and co-workers.

Using the Proper Disinfectant

Using the BioBlast Disinfectant + BioBlast HD Cleaner, Microfibers and Spray Bottles is a smart way to clean your surfaces. BioBlasting products are people, pet, and planet friendly. This versatile product will give you an excellent fighting chance against viruses and germs in your home or office. By spraying over the entire surface with this convenient sprayer, you can also make the cleaning project much easier on yourself. Microfiber towels are also included in order to dry your surfaces. The active ingredient, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is derived from naturally occurring salt minerals and water, so it will not damage any surfaces in your home or office.

How to Deal With the Surfaces

Following the directions carefully for your disinfectant will ensure that you are able to eradicate as many bacteria and viruses as possible on your surfaces. If you follow these steps, you should be well on your way to success.

  • Wipe away the visible dirt.
  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Make sure to wear gloves.
  • Spray the disinfectant thoroughly over all the surfaces.
  • Wait the prescribed dwell time.
  • Dry surface with a microfiber towel.

How to Follow Through

After using the proper disinfectant and allowing it to stay on the surface for the appropriate amount of dwell time, drying the surface with the microfibers that come in BioBlast Disinfectant + BioBlast HD Cleaner, Microfibers and Spray Bottles is a smart idea. You should disinfect the surface areas in your home or business at least twice a week, along with your regular cleaning schedule. High touch areas like doorknobs and light switches should be done more frequently. Make sure to keep all dangerous chemicals and disinfectants away from children and pets. Maintaining good cleaning habits is imperative, and by following the directions on your disinfectant spray you will be successful.

Although living through a pandemic is not easy, by following the guidelines above you will have a better chance at being healthy no matter what kind of bacteria or viruses come your way. Many people make mistakes by not choosing the proper disinfectant and by not following the directions, which are both keys to success. By following the simple steps, you will be more likely to eradicate the viruses and bacteria from your home or office. BioBlasting is a simple solution for a healthier home and business. Use it in public/common places where bacteria and viruses may be of concern, and it is especially effective on hard, nonporous surfaces.